100% Ελληνικό και βιολογικό. Τρέφεται με μείγμα  βιολογικών καρπών που αποτελείται από καλαμπόκι, σιτάρι, κριθάρι σίκαλη,  κτηνοτροφικό κουκί, ρεβίθι και μπιζέλι.  Ακολουθώντας τις ήπιες βιολογικές μεθόδους,  το κρέας αποκτά εξαιρετική γεύση διατηρώντας όλα τα θρεπτικά του συστατικά.
  • Minced Meat pork < Pork

    Minced Meat pork

    Piglet minced meat from selected cuts.

    Price/Package: 14.50 €
  • Pork Shank/Flank < Pork

    Pork Shank/Flank

    This cut of  piglet makes it ideal for an oven roast.

    Price/Package: 12.00 €
  • Pork Chops < Pork

    Pork Chops

    These chops have a nice solid bone and are trimmed with a fine ridge of fat making them ideal for the BBQ.

    Price/Package: 14.00 €
  • Pork Rack < Pork

    Pork Rack

    This chop is from the area around the neck, it is tender and perfect for grilling, frying, baking and stewing.

    Price/Package: 12.00 €
  • Pork Souvlaki < Pork

    Pork Souvlaki

    Small pieces of choice pork pieces, juicy & ready for the BBQ.

    Price/Package: 15.50 €
  • Pancetta < Pork


    A thick rather fatty piece of pork ideal for the BBQ where most of the fat melts away. It’s name is derived from the Italian word for “tummy”.

    Price/Package: 8.70 €
  • Pork roll put in a net < Pork

    Pork roll put in a net

    Selected part of the side (sirloin steak, fillet steak) with skin, tied with string.

    Price/Package: 21.75 €