meat products

Φτιαγμένα στο χέρι με απλά υλικά, αναδεικνύουν γεύσεις και αρώματα. Είναι ιδανικά για μαγείρεμα  στο φούρνο στο τηγάνι ή στο barbeque.

  • Beef Patty < meat products

    Beef Patty

    A mixture of  beef mince with parsley, spring onions and olive oil.

    Price/Package: 15.30 €
  • Burger < meat products


    Handmade soft and fluffy burgers, made of a mixture of beef and pork mince.

    Price/Package: 15.30 €
  • Minced Chicken Patty < meat products

    Minced Chicken Patty

    A mixture of chicken mince, wholemeal bread, parsley, spring onions and extra virgin olive oil.

    Price/Package: 22.50 €
  • Turkey Patty < meat products

    Turkey Patty

    A mixture of turkey and pork mince, wholemeal bread, parsley, spring onions and extra virgin olive oil.

    Product: organic
    Producer: Eviotopoi S.A.

    Price/Package: 22.50 €
    Not available
  • Smyrna meatballs < meat products

    Smyrna meatballs

    A mixture beef and pork mince with nutmeg and cumin.

    Price/Package: 12.90 €
  • Meatballs (beef & pork) < meat products

    Meatballs (beef & pork)

    A mixture of  beef and pork mince with  parsley, spring onions and olive oil.

    Price/Package: 16.65 €
  • Chicken Lollipop < meat products

    Chicken Lollipop

    Crunchy chicken lollipops breaded with a mixture of breadcrumbs, egg, cream and spice mixture.

    Price/Package: 12.50 €
  • Chicken paillard < meat products

    Chicken paillard

    Filleted chicken thinly sliced marinated in lemon and mustard sauce with fresh herbs.

    Price/Package: 17.50 €
  • Pork Gyros < meat products

    Pork Gyros

    Organic pork sliced and marinated in a mixture of spices. The original gyros recipe with a twist. Slightly spicy.

    Price/Package: 13.60 €
  • Pork Sausages  < meat products

    Pork Sausages

    Hand made sausages made with pork mince, thyme, garlic and mpoukovo pepper.

    Price/Package: 9.75 €
  • Pork Souvlaki < meat products

    Pork Souvlaki

    Small pieces of choice pork pieces, juicy & ready for the BBQ.

    Price/Package: 15.50 €
  • Pork skew (kontosouvli) < meat products

    Pork skew (kontosouvli)

    Filleted pork in pieces with peppers cherry tomatoes and onios.

    Price/Package: 15.00 €
  • Chicken skewer < meat products

    Chicken skewer

    Chicken skewer with pieces from legs,  breast and vegetables (colored peppers, onions and tomatoes).

    Price/Package: 25.00 €
  • Lamb Skewer < meat products

    Lamb Skewer

    Small pieces of choice lamp pieces in skewers, juicy & ready for the BBQ.

    Price/Package: 22.00 €
  • Fajitas < meat products


    Strips of beef meat served with peppers, onion and tomato sauce. A bit spicy, Mexican recipe.

    Price/Package: 20.00 €
  • Beef Piccata < meat products

    Beef Piccata

    Flat pieces of beef, crumbed in panko and parmesan

    Price/Package: 13.70 €
  • Mince Roll < meat products

    Mince Roll

    Roll, made of a mixture of  beef and pork mince, stuffed with egg.

    Price/Package: 20.00 €
  • Braised stew with tomato sauce < meat products

    Braised stew with tomato sauce

    Matured beef cut into small portions ready for braised stew. Served with vegetables (carrot, celery), mushrooms and seasoned with salt, pepper and bay leaf. Tomato sauce is not included.

    Price/Package: 20.00 €